My Suite is Complete


The Basic Apple Product Suite

Hey, that rhymed! You can probably guess from the title of this quick post that I have broken down and bought myself a MacBook. A MacBook Pro, to be more specific. Yes, Retina display. And it is glorious. Although this is a primarily iOS based blog, don’t get angry if I include the occasional Mac-related post. Thanks! Keep on apping!


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Silly me. 

I posted that I was back, and then I never came back. Well, hopefully this time around I will be able to stay truer to my word. Thanks for being patient!

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I’m Back!

Hello everyone! Or anyone. I’ve decided to start blogging again about my ongoing Apple addiction. Out of sheer boredom, I logged on to WordPress to check my stats today, and even though I had zero views for the day, I also saw that my all-time number of views was 1,501. Now to me, that’s a LOT. So I’ve decided to try to make that number bigger! Thanks a TON to anyone who reads, subscribes, or just stops by for a glance. I appreciate it all.

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iPhone Game of the Week 8/13/11: Tweet Hunt: Celebirdies






Tweet Hunt: Celebirdies

Price: Free (But not for long!)

Describe it in one word: Original

Tweet Hunt is an interesting game in which you shoot down birds with a slingshot. However, these aren’t just birds. Each bird represents a tweet that someone posted on Twitter. When you enter the game, you see a menu in which you can play or edit various settings. There are four game modes, celebirdies, top trends, my tweeps, and practice. In celebirdies, you select a celebrity and shoot down tweets that have that celebrity tagged in them. After you shoot down enough tweets (don’t let them get away!), you face off with the celebrity him/herself, in bird form of course. Some of the celebrities include Donald Trump, Charlie Sheen, and Snooki. In top trends, you basically do the same thing, except instead of shooting down tweets about a celebrity, you shoot down tweets about a topic that is trending right now on Twitter. In my tweeps, you can shoot down tweets that are in your own timeline, assuming you’ve logged into twitter via the app. In practice mode, you simply shoot at targets to hone your skills.

Advantages: This game has a very nice look to it, being cartoonish while still elegant. In fact, this is one of the most eye-pleasing apps that I have. The gameplay itself is very entertaining, especially since you get to shoot down so many various types of tweets and read them at your pleasure when the game ends. I was bored last night, and this game entertained me for a solid hour and a half. Plus, there are unlockable celebirdies that you can get using points you earn.

Restrictions: After a while, the gameplay can be a little repetitive. After all, there isn’t much you do other than shoot bird after bird. But it takes a long time of straight gameplay to get to this stage.

Worth the money? It’s free, of course it is worth the money! However, for those of you that read this once the price goes up, I would pay a solid three bucks for this app and not regret it. It’s a very well made game.

Did this review help? Do you enjoy shooting at Paris Hilton in bird form? Leave a comment, and keep on apping!



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Spotify: Music Listening Reinvented








We all know the traditional way to listen to music on an iDevice. Buy it in iTunes, and then, well, just listen. Some people simply illegally download it, so this doesn’t really apply to that crowd. Anyway, Spotify, the music phenomenon that originated in Europe has finally hit the U.S. Spotify is a music streaming service in which you simply type in the song, artist, or album you want to listen to, and listen to it. There are three versions of Spotify: Free (invite only), Unlimited, and Premium. Free is the core of the service (you get to listen to any music you want), however, there are restrictions. Some of these restrictions include ads, boundaries on how often you can listen to music when you travel, and no mobile listening (only desktop). Unlimited ($4.99 per month) is an upgraded version of free, and Premium ($9.99 per month) is the no-holds-barred music service. Mobile listening is only offered with Premium, so that’s the one I bought and the one I will discuss in this blog post. For a more detailed list of differences, click here.

Once you subscribe to Spotify, you can get the desktop app as well as the mobile app, which is offered on many phone formats. You will have created an account during the subscription process, and once you log in with this account, you’re good to go. There are more features on the desktop application than the mobile one, but both are still very good. The desktop app features a What’s New section, a Play Queue, an Inbox, a list of mobile devices that you have Spotify installed on, a Library, a Local Files section, a Starred section, as well as your playlists. There is also a place where you can sign into Facebook and see which of your friends use Spotify.

What’s New? This is a section with three, well, sections. There is a section that shows you recently released notable albums, a section that shows you the top 100 songs and albums, and a Feed that shows you Spotify news and music your friends share on Facebook.

Play Queue: This is a place for you to see music that you have lined up to play next. If you are listening to a song and don’t want to stop, but find another that interests you, you can drag it into your Play Queue, and it will play once your current song ends.

Inbox: This is where you see music that your Facebook friends have shared with you.

Devices: You can see a list of mobile devices on which you have installed Spotify here. You can also choose which playlists you want to sync with your mobile devices.

Library: This is a central gathering place for all the songs you have starred, added to playlists, or previously imported into Spotify.

Local Files: This is music from your computer that you can sync to your mobile device.

Starred: This is where you see music you have starred. You star music by clicking the star next to the song or album.

Playlists: You can create playlists, and you see them below the Starred section.

The mobile app is a simplified version of the desktop client. There is a Playlists section, where you see your Starred songs, Inbox, Local Files, and Playlists. There is a search section, where you, well, search. The What’s New section features the same things as the desktop app, except there are only 10 songs in each section. Finally, there is settings, where you can mess around with technical stuff.

This is a GREAT service for hardcore music lovers. If you know you are going to use it, go for Premium. It’s only 10 bucks, about the price of buying an album a month, according to the Spotify website. I would try it out on the Free version first, just in case, though. Just click this link, type your email address in the form provided, and wait for an invite. It came immediately to me, but I’m not sure if it does that for everyone. If you get Free and love it, you can feel free to upgrade! Choose your plan wisely though.

I love music, and I feel like I have been set free into a universe of it thanks to Spotify. But that’s just me.

Do you enjoy Spotify? If you have questions, ask them in the comments! Keep on apping!

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iPhone Game of the Week 8/7/11: The Impossible Game







The Impossible Game

Price: $0.99

Describe it in one word: Addictive

The Impossible Game by FlukeDuke is a get-to-the-end style platformer in which you control a square. That’s right, a square. And what do you do with your square? Why, you jump over triangles and onto other squares. Sounds simple, right? In theory, yes. But when you sit down and play this bad boy, you find out that it is tough. REALLY tough. The basic principle of the game is this: you have to jump your square over triangles that come at you. Other squares also come at you, but you can jump onto these, and in many cases, you will need to jump onto them. The controls are simple as well, tap to bounce and hold down to keep bouncing. But simple as this may sound, it is hard for a number of reasons. One, you must time your jumps precisely. Two, you need to know how long to hold down on the screen and when to let go. Three, every time you die (which is a lot), you start at the very beginning.

Advantages: This game offers a lot of fun, based on the fact that it is cool to go farther than you have gone before. It is also entertaining when you meet and conquer new obstacles, or finally conquer an old one that stumped you for a long time. And for those of you who aren’t too patient, there is a practice mode where you can lay down flags as you progress and when you die, you start at the last flag instead of the very beginning.

Restrictions: It can get old to start at the very beginning every time you die, especially once you have gotten really far and it takes a long time to get back to where you left off. And even if you use practice mode and finally beat one of the seemingly endless levels, it isn’t as satisfying as if you beat it without using the practice mode “loophole.”

Worth the money? For those who have a lot of time on heir hands and are willing to work to beat it, yes. However, for those of you who get angry or impatient easily, you might want to think twice before buying it. 99 cents isn’t a lot to spend, so if you are interested, get it! Just don’t expect to beat it on attempt three or four. Or thirty or forty.

Have you beaten The Impossible Game? Was it as satisfying to you as it was to me? Keep on apping!

The Impossible Game Gameplay


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I Feel Smart

Okay, I’m not gonna beat around the bush. I made a stupid (but thankfully minor) mistake yesterday. Only one day after making a schedule for my Apps/Games of the Week, I did the wrong thing on the wrong day. I did iPad game of the Week when I should have done iPhone Game of the Week. Oh well. I’ll just do iPhone game of the week today and then starting tomorrow I’ll go back to the schedule I wrote out. Thanks for tolerating my absentmindedness, and keep on apping!

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