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Mutual Cleanliness

I am obsessed with keeping my iPhone and iPad clean. If the screen has any smudge at all, I will immediately scrub it off with a little cleaning pad I have. But beyond that, I try to keep the smudges off in the first place. I have found myself many times in the past couple days spontaneously washing my hands just because they felt grubby and I didn’t want to get the screen dirty on either of my devices. If I keep my concern for the cleanliness of the devices (which I will) I am willing to bet that it will improve my personal hygiene, at least in the hand area. I find this an entertaining fact. It is almost a hidden benefit of owning an iPhone or iPad, or any other device for that matter! How funny that by keeping my iDevices clean I am also keeping myself clean. Also, I mentioned that I use a cleaning pad, and I would like to say that these are very beneficial. Mine is called the Moshi TeraGlove Cleaning Cloth, and it works VERY well. One of these is definitely a good thing to have if you are constantly using your iPad or iPhone. Keep on apping, and keep your device (and hands) clean!


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Find My iPhone


No point beating around the bush, I can be VERY irresponsible with my stuff. Lately I have taken to checking my pockets to make sure they’re full before I leave a public place, which is good, but I still forget stuff. This hasn’t happened with my iPhone just yet (that would be pathetic) but it’s good to take precautions. And for this, Find My iPhone goes above and beyond. It can be used from a desktop computer by signing in at, but it is ideal if you have another iDevice. That is what I will discuss in this blog post. As far as I know everything works the same from a computer, but I haven’t personally tried it. Anyway, on to the real post.

One of the simplest, yet most important features of Find My iPhone is location. From one of your iDevices, you can see the location of all of them that have the app installed. This is handy if you can’t find your iPhone and you think you might have left it somewhere. You can just go to the app on your iPad, sign in and select the iPhone, and the app will locate it. This leads us to another extremely beneficial feature of the app. If you see that your missing device is somewhere in your house but you still can’t find it, you can remotely set off a sound on the missing device (the sound will always ring at the highest volume, even if your device is muted). Along with the sound, you can send a message to the device which will appear on the lock screen in the form of a push notification. This feature is more helpful if your missing device is NOT at home, but is in a public place, so that you can send a message saying “Please help return my iPhone” for example. A third feature in this app is the remote lock. If you find out that you left your iDevice somewhere, you can select the device and remotely set a passcode on that device so that it can’t be accessed. This is helpful if you left your iPhone somewhere and you don’t want people snooping around on it. The last feature could potentially be useful, but is a last resort. If you are REALLY paranoid about people snooping on your missing device, you can completely wipe the device of all its contents. Like I said, this is a last resort.

Altogether, this app is extremely useful for many situations, and if you have more than one iDevice, or you want to try the desktop version, do not hesitate.

Do you find this app helpful? Have you used the desktop version? Which do you like better, the desktop version, or the application? Keep on apping, and hopefully you won’t lose the device you use to do it!

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