Statigram: Instagram on the Desktop

In my first post about Instagram, I talked about how its only downfall was that it could only be used on the iPhone (or 4th Gen iPod Touch). Well, Statigram changes this, and does a fairly good job at it. is a website that lets you access everything – from a computer – that you can get to on Instagram, plus a little more. It has a very nice interface, and is elegantly easy to navigate. The only feature it lacks is the actual ability to upload new photos, which is not too big of a deal, considering the main use for this website is to have a bigger, more complete way to view yours and your friends’ photos.

Sadly, for those of you who are iPad owners only, there is still not much for you. You can, of course, access Statigram via Safari, but there is still no way to upload photos other than the iPhone app. But this isn’t Statigram’s fault. I’m not sure why, with Instagram’s popularity growing so quickly, they still haven’t developed a native iPad app. I’m willing to bet that there is one on the way, but that is just a hunch. For now, hold on, you iPad owners. A mixture of the iPhone based Instagram app and Statigram on the web will have to hold you over. I applaud your patience! Keep on apping!

Some of the features of Statigram


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