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iPhone Game of the Week 8/13/11: Tweet Hunt: Celebirdies






Tweet Hunt: Celebirdies

Price: Free (But not for long!)

Describe it in one word: Original

Tweet Hunt is an interesting game in which you shoot down birds with a slingshot. However, these aren’t just birds. Each bird represents a tweet that someone posted on Twitter. When you enter the game, you see a menu in which you can play or edit various settings. There are four game modes, celebirdies, top trends, my tweeps, and practice. In celebirdies, you select a celebrity and shoot down tweets that have that celebrity tagged in them. After you shoot down enough tweets (don’t let them get away!), you face off with the celebrity him/herself, in bird form of course. Some of the celebrities include Donald Trump, Charlie Sheen, and Snooki. In top trends, you basically do the same thing, except instead of shooting down tweets about a celebrity, you shoot down tweets about a topic that is trending right now on Twitter. In my tweeps, you can shoot down tweets that are in your own timeline, assuming you’ve logged into twitter via the app. In practice mode, you simply shoot at targets to hone your skills.

Advantages: This game has a very nice look to it, being cartoonish while still elegant. In fact, this is one of the most eye-pleasing apps that I have. The gameplay itself is very entertaining, especially since you get to shoot down so many various types of tweets and read them at your pleasure when the game ends. I was bored last night, and this game entertained me for a solid hour and a half. Plus, there are unlockable celebirdies that you can get using points you earn.

Restrictions: After a while, the gameplay can be a little repetitive. After all, there isn’t much you do other than shoot bird after bird. But it takes a long time of straight gameplay to get to this stage.

Worth the money? It’s free, of course it is worth the money! However, for those of you that read this once the price goes up, I would pay a solid three bucks for this app and not regret it. It’s a very well made game.

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iPhone Game of the Week 8/7/11: The Impossible Game







The Impossible Game

Price: $0.99

Describe it in one word: Addictive

The Impossible Game by FlukeDuke is a get-to-the-end style platformer in which you control a square. That’s right, a square. And what do you do with your square? Why, you jump over triangles and onto other squares. Sounds simple, right? In theory, yes. But when you sit down and play this bad boy, you find out that it is tough. REALLY tough. The basic principle of the game is this: you have to jump your square over triangles that come at you. Other squares also come at you, but you can jump onto these, and in many cases, you will need to jump onto them. The controls are simple as well, tap to bounce and hold down to keep bouncing. But simple as this may sound, it is hard for a number of reasons. One, you must time your jumps precisely. Two, you need to know how long to hold down on the screen and when to let go. Three, every time you die (which is a lot), you start at the very beginning.

Advantages: This game offers a lot of fun, based on the fact that it is cool to go farther than you have gone before. It is also entertaining when you meet and conquer new obstacles, or finally conquer an old one that stumped you for a long time. And for those of you who aren’t too patient, there is a practice mode where you can lay down flags as you progress and when you die, you start at the last flag instead of the very beginning.

Restrictions: It can get old to start at the very beginning every time you die, especially once you have gotten really far and it takes a long time to get back to where you left off. And even if you use practice mode and finally beat one of the seemingly endless levels, it isn’t as satisfying as if you beat it without using the practice mode “loophole.”

Worth the money? For those who have a lot of time on heir hands and are willing to work to beat it, yes. However, for those of you who get angry or impatient easily, you might want to think twice before buying it. 99 cents isn’t a lot to spend, so if you are interested, get it! Just don’t expect to beat it on attempt three or four. Or thirty or forty.

Have you beaten The Impossible Game? Was it as satisfying to you as it was to me? Keep on apping!

The Impossible Game Gameplay


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iPad Game of the Week 8/6/11: Tilt to Live HD

Tilt to Live HD

Price: $4.99 USD

Describe it in one word: Playable

Tilt to Live HD is a very immersive game in which the player guides a little arrow away from evil red dots that are trying to destroy it. How do you do this? By tilting, of course! The game has five modes, each with its own style and goals, even though just about everything revolves around killing the red dots. The general way to do this is by guiding your little arrow to power-ups that do various things (freeze dots, launch missiles, open vortexes, etc) and using these to kill as many dots as you can and stay alive for as long as possible. You cannot “win” this game, as the dots keep on coming in more intense waves (you will die eventually). However, it is very rewarding to get a new high score.

Advantages: The game gives you many options that dramatically increase its playability, such as being able to choose the angle in which you want to hold your iPad, and five modes that are similar yet offer different types of fun. Even if I have played every mode and unlocked every achievement, I can still go back to this game knowing I will have a good time playing it.

Restrictions: The only real restriction to this game is that since the iPad is a big device, in some situations it could be difficult to try to tilt your iPad every which way (such as on planes or in cars). However, this usually will not be a big problem.

Worth the money? This game gives tons of fun, playing and replaying. Five dollars will not seem like so much after you glean literally hours of entertainment out of this game. Buy it!

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Tilt to Live HD gameplay

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App & Game of the Week

All of you with iPads, iPhones, or iPod Touches are familiar with the app store. For me, one of the coolest little things about the app store is that every week Apple selects an app and a game to be honored with the title of App of the Week and Game of the Week. These apps usually live up to their name.

However, I am impatient. For me, a week is too long to wait for these apps that Apple selects. So, I am going to start doing my own App of the Week and Game of the Week so that you, my viewers, don’t have to suffer for an entire week for that category to be updated. I will be doing this both on iPhone and iPad. But here’s the catch: I’m going to spread them out and do each one on a different day of the week so that you will have a new source of entertainment almost every day, should you choose to download the app.  Here’s the schedule:

Monday: iPhone App of the Week

Tuesday: None

Wednesday: iPad App of the Week

Thursday: None (this is the day Apple releases their App of the Week and Game of the Week)

An example of one of Apple's Apps of the Week

Friday: None

Saturday: iPhone Game of the Week

Sunday: iPad Game of the Week

I know that Apple is going to be better at selecting these than I am (I’m doing it based on my opinion while they are doing it based on many secret variables), but I’m going to attempt to make my selections informative and entertaining as well by doing a short description and review of each app. I won’t do a full length review, but it will be sufficient, and if you want a full length review on one of the apps just comment and say so! I might choose to change things up eventually, but for now we will see how this setup works out.

Do you like this idea? If you have any questions, suggestions, complaints, compliments, or anything at all you want to say, please comment! Thanks, and keep on apping!

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