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iPhone Game of the Week 8/13/11: Tweet Hunt: Celebirdies






Tweet Hunt: Celebirdies

Price: Free (But not for long!)

Describe it in one word: Original

Tweet Hunt is an interesting game in which you shoot down birds with a slingshot. However, these aren’t just birds. Each bird represents a tweet that someone posted on Twitter. When you enter the game, you see a menu in which you can play or edit various settings. There are four game modes, celebirdies, top trends, my tweeps, and practice. In celebirdies, you select a celebrity and shoot down tweets that have that celebrity tagged in them. After you shoot down enough tweets (don’t let them get away!), you face off with the celebrity him/herself, in bird form of course. Some of the celebrities include Donald Trump, Charlie Sheen, and Snooki. In top trends, you basically do the same thing, except instead of shooting down tweets about a celebrity, you shoot down tweets about a topic that is trending right now on Twitter. In my tweeps, you can shoot down tweets that are in your own timeline, assuming you’ve logged into twitter via the app. In practice mode, you simply shoot at targets to hone your skills.

Advantages: This game has a very nice look to it, being cartoonish while still elegant. In fact, this is one of the most eye-pleasing apps that I have. The gameplay itself is very entertaining, especially since you get to shoot down so many various types of tweets and read them at your pleasure when the game ends. I was bored last night, and this game entertained me for a solid hour and a half. Plus, there are unlockable celebirdies that you can get using points you earn.

Restrictions: After a while, the gameplay can be a little repetitive. After all, there isn’t much you do other than shoot bird after bird. But it takes a long time of straight gameplay to get to this stage.

Worth the money? It’s free, of course it is worth the money! However, for those of you that read this once the price goes up, I would pay a solid three bucks for this app and not regret it. It’s a very well made game.

Did this review help? Do you enjoy shooting at Paris Hilton in bird form? Leave a comment, and keep on apping!



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Twitter Integration in iOS 5

I have recently started using my Twitter account more, and I have discovered that I really like the interface. The idea that tweets have to be short and sweet keep the whole experience to the point, yet rewarding. This helps avoid the clogging that many Facebook users experience (due to game requests and long, pointless posts). Now, with iOS 5 coming soon, iPhone and iPad owners will have an even better way to share things with their followers via Twitter.

Instead of having to copy a link and then paste it into your tweet, or select a photo within the Twitter app, you can now do these things without leaving the app you are in. You can simply touch the action button within an app, select Twitter, and you will be taken to a “tweetsheet.” Depending on what app you are in, you can attach photos (via the Photos app), links (via Safari) and other assorted stuff. This is one thing that I’m sure I will be very happy with in iOS 5. It all looks very eye-pleasing and well designed. For more information, visit Apple’s article about Twitter integration into iOS 5.

Are you an avid Twitter user? Are you looking forward to this easier, more elegant way to Tweet from your iDevice? Keep on apping!

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